I am Anna M..  yeah, my second name is a little difficult, this is Swedish namely.. and I am not Swedish anyway.  I am Polish. But I live mostly in Sweden, in the beautiful town, Gothenburg.

Gothenburg lies at the sea and this is the harbor, rather middle size but the very important one in Scandinavia. The coast is very beautiful as well, with a cluster of rocky islands, sort of archipelago. Some of them are too small to be inhabited by anybody but birds, but some are big enough to have small towns on them.

 I wanted actually to tell you about me.
I was born in May, under Taurus sign of Zodiac and I am a typical one, I believe. Rather stubborn, but mostly I am purposeful. I like all what is beautiful and cozy. Home and garden are most important in the world for me, maybe because of my biggest psychical need that is feeling of security and stability. 
Curiosity is the another typical feature of me. That is why I love to travel and to meet new people as often as it is possible. I have many friends all over.
That is not easy, anyway, when you have a garden to look after! To travel, I mean.. so I do it not so often.

I am retired, since several years ago.
I am divorced (two times,unfortunately..).  Several years ago, after my second divorce,  I have met Yngve and we became very good friends (only) until he died in Mars 2007. Basically, I lived in an apartment in town and Yngve used to live just at the sea, in his house.

When we´ve met I told him about my great interest which is gardening. I have never had any garden myself, but I am graduated in agriculture. Yngve proposed me to make a little gardening at his place. It was almost nothing there but wild bushes, some trees and rocks. I had many ideas about garden, but no experience at all. But I agreed to try. And I did.

Now, if anybody asks me who I am, I want to say - I am gardener.  But it could be to much to say.. I  still lack all experiences I need but I am trying anyway, now actually in another, a little garden..

 My life changed completely after Yngve's death and my severe illness, almost the same time. I have got not long time ago (September 2007) a life partner, he is English and we made together a little nice garden. I am not the same able to work like before.. but first time in my life I am really happy.. The life begins after 70!

Another important thing about me is my family.
I became grandmother not long ago (really? It was December 1998!) and one more grandchild was born in January 2001. 

I am very proud of my only son, Marcin. He is graduated in electronics and acoustics. He is very smart. He has been working many years in Madrid  and later for an USA´s Company using his computer home, in Warsaw. He is married to the young girl from Lithuania, Egle, which means "Christmas Tree" in her language! And he lives now in UK, Kent - near to London!
to my grandchildren
There is my almost all family, they all live in Warsaw.  It is Marcin's wedding day, 26nth September 1998. To the right of my son is my auntie Marzenka (Maria), who was then 87, but is now gone, 94 years old. She was kept as a political prisoner under all the second world war in some different concentration camps, like Ravensbrück, Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen.  She is not Jewish.
 On the picture they are also: her son Marek and her grandchildren - Justyna, Ryszard, and her daughter in law, Elzbieta.
I had got also a very important part of my family living in Great Britain. There was my cousin Zofia, called Zosia in Poland and Zoe in England and two daughters of her: Anna (Hania) and Janina (Jasia). Zoe and her daughters lived not very far from Birmingham in the own house and had a nice garden. Zoe was a very good gardener, she won many prices for her vegetables and flowers. But Zoe is gone now, unfortunately, and her daughters are not the same good at gardening - and - at contacts with family..

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