About garden and gardening they wrote plenty of books. About Yngve's garden I could write a book too. What I would like to say about this garden is to show and describe how it changed from the very beginning, when it was created - and - unfortunately - how it ended. It was namely created by me from zero, and it was over 20 years ago. I have never had a garden before and I did not know much, almost nothing, about gardening. But I had quite useful education for it and it was a great challenge and opportunity for me to try - so I had taken it.
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It was not easy at all. The garden lies on the rocky hill and it was not thought to do there any garden at all. They have built a summer house with a lawn on the thin layer of clay and some holes in the ground created by blowing up the rock to build the house were filled by plenty of stones and clay. They planted there Bergenia, some Rosa rugosa and Spiraea, one shrub of Cornus alba variegata and there were wild, self sown shrubs and trees all over if it was a little more soil somewhere. Or in crevices and on the stones. It supposed to be easy garden for the summer.

Yngve, who bought the house, had extended it and adapted for whole year living. Garden was still the same anyway - even getting worse. It was more wild bushes and trees than in the beginning, the lawn was not the lawn. After divorce and over 15  years later he has met me and he caught my garden ideas from me. We wanted to get a real garden!

So, we have got a difficult task - to dig out all buried stones AND most part of thick clay - to fill holes with garden soil. You had to lay on the bottom a layer of gravel and fine stones to drain "the holes" - some of them worked as a huge saucepan buried in the rock.. but some were sloped and water run out rather easy. Later it occurred that drainage was not problem but just lack of water. The garden is mostly thirsty..

It was not really any plan. I had my dreams but when I saw Yngve´s garden as it was, I did not believe that it was possible at all, at least to me. It seemed to be - and it was - too hard. The garden was the happening - all the time. Step by step it was coming, almost more by merest chance than by designed and planed acting.
Above you  can check weather conditions every day at Gothenburg, but also over the whole world in every language. You can even check that historically. There is not very much sun in Gothenburg - but Yngve´s garden lies just at the see creek and there is much more sunny hours than in the town. Much more windy as well.. You can see the most part of the creek from the northern site of the garden. The grey roof you can see is the neighbour's garage (now does not exist).The edge of the steep rock is at the garden border - but now roses and low shrubs are planted there.. Unfortunately, this beautiful view is much spoiled now - by the new house built just there you can see a roof of garage. And Yngve died in 2007, Mars - so I had to leave the garden. Nobody has taken over, instead some plants has been destroyed. Somebody cut down the beautiful. with its yellow foliage shrub in Woodland which I grew from 10 cm cutting through about 10 years - namely .Japanese Philadelphus coronarius Aurea. It was commented even by neighbours who always admired the shrub together with a next door Rhododendron, red flowering Grace Seabrook..
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