How a garden has become
At the beginning they were stones..

Yeah..  but I did not know that ..  What I could see when I came over to Yngve for the first time in late september 1994 it was a sorts of humble house on the very dry yeard with neglected  "lawn" ..
The image on the left that is the house in the spring of 1995. It were already fixed raised beds around the house walls and there were planted the first roses - Bonica 85 and Heidelberg, and three Caprifolium.
In the backyard  first bushes were also planted (in the November 1994)  - Kolkwitzia amabilisForsythia x intermedia 'Spectabilis', Cotoneaster horisontalisChaenomeles sp. 

I planted also a band of bulbs bought on a sale late November 1994. It resulted in some flowering in May 1995 (right). Anyway, there were also some of Darvin Tulips and narcissus planted one upon the time (below). There were also rather many wild Scilla sibirica and  Muscari armeniacum Primula vulgaris as well.
Magnolia soulengiana , found on the sale was also planted late November 1994 (below). It was flowering already in the spring 1995, but later it did not make it... and it is not any more. We have bought M.loebneri 'Leonard Messel', but it is transplanted to 'Woodland' which did not exist in 1995.
The bushes in the background there 
(above) were Rosa rugosa (simple and double) and Spiraea x vanhouttei. Among them there is possibly Cornus alba variegata.
But I had dreams about roses.. so, already in the spring 1995 we started to built what we called for 'The Rosary' (Rosariet)..
Separate page about 'The Shrubbery' (Buskaget)  is here.
On the pic you can see a future "Rosariet".
On the place a group of wild bushes was before. You can see still a root of one of them. But there were already planted : 
WeigelaDeutzia scabra plena and the third of roses - 'Aloha'. This is in June 1995. 

Below  - the same place in late autumn 1995.
The last one the hedge part was built in the  November, where Acer campestris was planted. We wanted to have so high hedge as possible because of mighty winds from see - and the nearest garden center has had just that. 
Three roses were planted there too - among trees: 
'Märchenland', 'Romanze' and 'Flammentanz'. We had no idea that the last one could become so big...
 The same Rosary in 1999, July. You cannot see many roses planted there, but 'Flammentanz' is huge.. the other red flowers there is Monarda, not any rose!
More about roses in the garden you can find on the page Roses and all about 'The Rosary' (Rosariet) you can find here.
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