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To develop the garden was not easier than to begin. Problems with stones and lack of soil were everywhere. It demanded to be tremendous stubborn and to believe that all is possible if you try hard enough. 

On the pictures: A part of the garden which was created nearly first, called 'Buskaget' ('The Shrubbery'). The left side picks show how it was in the spring 1996, on right side - 'Buskaget' in the July 1998 and 1999.

Click on the right picks to get them large and with some description.
Buskage to be, maj1996
Buskage april 1996
'Buskage' in juli 1999
'Buskage' in juni 1998
To get new plantings on the rocks I made raised beds I called for "hills" (the hill = kullen in Swedish). I made at the beginning 'The Strawberry Hill' ('Smultronkullen') and 'The Scent Hill' ('Doftkullen').  
'Smultronkullen' it was a junk pile, stones and sand mostly. I covered that with some soil and planted wild and cultivated strawberries, and some alpines as well. To do 'Doftkullen' I had to dig up plenty of bad, loamy soil and many big and small stones and to fill it with soil. It was still to shallow and I had to raise all bed using stones laid around.
To the Scent Hill 1996
To 'Smultronkullen' 95
To 'Smultronkullen' 97
To the Scent Hill 98
To the Scent Hill 1997
On the pictures there is on the left side up 'Smultronkullen' 1996 and below - 'Doftkullen' 1996. To the right : 'Smultronkullen' - June 1997 (Here: 'Smultronkullen 1998) and 'Doftkullen' July 1998 and May 1999. Doftkullen 1998 - 2005 is here.

Click on the picks to get large picture and some description.
'The Wind Hill' ('Vindkullen') and 'The Birch Hill' ('Björkkullen') were created (Oct.1997) on the rocks, on the north side of house. There was rather much of sun but no soil at all. The hardy roses were planted there - Rosa vosagiacaRosa hugonis, some wild sorts like R. caninaRarvensis and Rosa spinosissima
'Stanwell Perpetuel' - and cover roses 'Bassino' and 'Royal Bassino'. Many perennials were planted as well, mostly Veronica species, a.o. V.teucrium 'Royal Blue', Physostegia virginiana alba white, MiscanthusPerovskia
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, Geum coccineumAchillea tomentosaTanaceum ptarmicifolium (silver leaves) and many others.. Many bulbs as well, like CrocusIris sp., Tulipa sp., etc. 
North Side after year 2000 is here.
T the Vindkulle 2000
To the Vindkulle to be
To the Vindkulle 1998
To the Vindkulle 1999
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'Buskaget'  (The Shrubbery) has been developed to almost the rosary. The several rose sorts were planted, but also 2 sorts Peonies, 2 sorts of Clematis and quite a lot of perennials.  But before that, two small terraces were formed. 

On the upper terrace the roses were also planted (and many other plants as well), on the lower - Perovskia artiplicifolia (lilac blue), some Sedum and on the spring - tulips and other bulbs.

On the pictures: Above - terraces just built and even some plants already grow (July 1996). Below - the upper terrace has been made higher and there are bulbs planted (April 2000), but later the roses as well. 
Last picture to the right: 
Aprikola and Valencia (July 2001).

'The Shrubbery' (Buskaget) after 2000 is here.
Buskterraces 1996
Buskterrace upper 2000
Buskterrace lower 1999
Buskterrace upper 2001
The new hill has been created about 2001.  I called it 'Nykullen' - in Swedish just 'The New Hill'. Not far from the Balcony on the backyard of the house there was a spot on the rock I used to throw used compost from hundreds of tubs and pots from the balcony. I have not another place and it looked not nice really. Untill I came to idea that I can form this pile of soil to better shape and even supply some more better compost, maybe also fertilizer, despite it was certain quite a lot of it in the rests from flower boxes and tubs. Already in the fall 2001 I planted a lot of tulip bulbs, even a little shrub, but the name was not right and it occured that it will be quite another sort I planed, a big one! It was the Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' that is going to be 3 m high!  In the next years I planted more different bulbs, some geraniums and other perennials, 
At the beginning 'The New Hill' was only a soil mound, but in 2003 I have layed some bricks of light concrete and I extended "The Hill" a little on the side (on the picture below). 
SYDSIDAN, Nykulle 2002
Nykulle summer 2005, Sydsidan
Nykulle, August 2003, Sydsidan
Nykulle 2002, Sydsidan
Nykulle summer 2005, Sydsidan
Nykulle spring 2004
Nykulle spring 2004
Nykulle 2005, Sydsidan
Nykulle summer 2005, Sydsidan
Nykulle 2003, Sydsidan
Nykulle summer 2004
Nykulle 2004, Sydsidan
On the pictures to the right you can see  'Nykullen' in the spring 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 and in some summers as well.

On the 2 pictures the most above - tulips in the 2002. In the third row under, on the left pic -'The New Hill' in 2003, when I started to build support wall. The pic on the right - the same "hill" in August. I sow there Cosmos Sonata.

In the next row 'The New Hill' in the spring 2004 - one can see support wall of the light concrete bricks and on the left side of "hill" I built the support free wall of ordinary stones and the tulips 'WebersParrot' were planted. 
On the right pic one can see 'The New Hill' in the summer 2004. The yellow flowers there are Callendula, mostly self sown. In the row below the right picture shows  "lilly tulips" 'Ballade' in spring of the same year 2004.

Last two rows of pictures show some plants on 'The New Hill' in the 2005 year. On the left pic - tulip 
'Christmas Dream' and Myosotis palustris, self sown.
On the right pic - Dahlia I grew from seeds, D. hortensis 'Fantasia'. On the last row  two sorts of Geranium, left:  G. clarkei 'Kashmir White' and right: Geranium pratensis
'Johnsons Blue'
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